He had a passion for history, writing important pieces about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, union hero Joe Hill, and labor union activism supporting the National Labor Relations Act.

by Mrill Ingram

January 28, 2020

I got to know Brandon Weber in 2014, when we both worked at the media company Upworthy. That was back before Facebook started messing with algorithms, and top writers at the company were creating web posts garnering millions of hits in a matter of hours. …

Quick, what’s traveling at 106,000 kilometers per hour (66,000 mph) and is as big as a football field?

By Brandon Weber

An asteroid that nobody knew was coming whizzed by us a few weeks ago.

Taking everyone by surprise, the thing was both discovered and flew past Earth within about 24 hours, on April 15. Kinda gives the idea that we can actually do anything to deflect asteroids a bit of a pause, eh?

Named 2018 GE3, it passed us by at about half the distance between Earth and the moon — wicked close.

Is this a regular occurrence?

Scientists discover a new asteroid headed…

E. T. phone home?

By Brandon Weber

The Breakthrough Listen project, an effort to search even deeper for extraterrestrial life, was formed by entrepreneur Yuri Milner and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who died in March. The project is surveying both the Milky Way galaxy and nearby galaxies using the Parkes Telescope in New South Wales, Australia.

“With these new capabilities we are scanning our galaxy in unprecedented detail,” Parkes project scientist Danny Price of the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement.” …

It’s becoming more clear what the root cause of Parkinson’s is, and the solution may be farther south than the brain, nestled in our gut microbiome.

By Brandon Weber

In 1817, English surgeon James Parkinson reported that some patients with a condition he referred to as ‘shaking palsy’ suffered from constipation. The disease has been named after him ever since and in one of the six cases he described, helping to alleviate that patient’s gastrointestinal complaints also helped some with the movement-related problems of the very same patient.

In fact, today, new evidence is pointing to the stomach and gastrointestinal…

It’s not a head-to-head study comparison, since there are major differences, but it might just provide a lot more clues.

By Brandon Weber

The NASA twin study compared astronaut Scott Kelly’s bodily functions to those of his twin brother back on Earth, and it showed that extended space travel likely wreaked some havoc on Scott Kelly’s body.

Now, two climbers — 20-year-old Dartmouth College sophomore Matt Moniz and 49-year-old professional climber Willie Benegas — are spending a month on Mount Everest to see the differences between them and their twin siblings, who will stay at sea level during the same…

Once hunted to near-extinction, humpback whales living in southern oceans near Antarctica are making a comeback. But will it last?

By Brandon Weber

Once hunted to near-extinction, humpback whales living in southern oceans near Antarctica are making a comeback.

Some quick facts about humpbacks:

  • They live long lives, about the same as humans.
  • Treaties were signed to protect them in 1959; otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be here anymore.
  • Estimates are that, before the treaties were signed, whale populations were down to less than 10 percent of their pre-whaling levels.
  • A new study found there were more pregnant females in a…

Time crystals have been detected in an unexpected place: monoammonium phosphate, a compound found in fertilizer and ‘grow your own crystal’ kits.

By Brandon Weber

Normal crystals — think salt or quartz — have atoms arranged in a fixed grid structure, and they don’t move around much. Not, however, time crystals.

Their atoms actually oscillate. They spin one direction and then when they’re exposed to an electromagnetic pulse they switch direction and spin the other way.

That doesn’t change when that same electromagnetic pulse is irregular; time crystals are locked to a particular frequency, one that maintains its regularity.


Stephen Hawking’s final paper is all about the multiverse, quantum relativity, string theory, relativity and more.

By Brandon Weber

We’ve covered Stephen Hawking’s final theory before, relating to the multiverse and the dazzling postulate that there were infinite Big Bangs, one right after the other, and that we exist in a slowed-down universe which allowed for solar systems, stars, and galaxies to form.

Hawking’s theory, co-authored with physicist Thomas Hertog of KU Leuven University in Belgium, posits that we can obtain quantifiable data that must be collected via space probe in order to be proven correct.

Says Hertog, “We wanted…

Research is proving that “just get over it” when it comes to losing a companion animal is simply not normal. So, if friends and family are telling you that … just ignore them. And if you’re a friend or family member of someone who lost a pet, there are things you can do to help them through it.

By Brandon Weber

There are a number of reasons the death of a pet is as hard as — or sometimes, even worse than — losing a human.

  • Pets are increasingly such close family members because we spend every day, sometimes all…

If you see the VingCard logo on your room key, that’s the system in question.

By Brandon Weber

Two Finnish security researchers from IT firm F-Secure, challenged by a 2003 incident where a colleague’s laptop was stolen and the hotel claimed no responsibility, have created a master key that will work for any room in millions of hotels around the world. They’ve been working on it on-and-off for over 10 years, and now it’s been successfully tested.

They can create a master key “basically out of thin air,” said Tomi Tuominen and Timo Hirvonen, the security researchers from F-Secure.

Brandon Weber's Legacy

Carrying the legacy of Brandon Weber (1963–2020), labor union historian, writer, educator and social change catalyst.

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